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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
Better Together

Community Fun Days

Our Trust works with a broad range of organisations to ensure greater understanding and engagement with mental health services and to enhance recovery, opportunity and hope for people with mental health issues in the community.

Our community engagement days are An example of this work. These annual events are co-designed with our service users to facilitate and promote active engagement of the local community within mental health services, which in turn challenges the negative and often discriminatory perceptions of mental health service provision within the locality.

When people develop mental illness they often experience fragmentation of their family and social networks and relationships yet social interactions and positive relationships are important aspects of good mental health and crucial in supporting recovery. Linking people with mental health problems into social activities and networks in the community has benefits for health and reducing loneliness and isolation. The engagement day creates opportunity for users to establish links that can support individuals in their daily plans towards recovery.

A broad range of stakeholders including staff, service users, carers, local businesses, community organisations, and partners are involved in the planning and delivery of this event. The day is also a response to patient feedback about boredom while in hospital and not having enough to do.

In 2019 after seven years of delivering localised community engagement fun days the Trust announced a new and emerging collaborative partnership with St Phillips Cathedral and St Basils that will deliver an annual event with the overall aim being to raise mental health awareness while also highlighting the associated links with homelessness.

This event was held on 24 August 2019 in Birmingham City Centre, held on the grounds of St Philips Cathedral, with over 3000 people attending the event.

The next Community Fun day is scheduled to be held on the August 22 2020.
If you would like any further information or to get involved in the 2020 Community Fun Day please contact: Beresford.dawkins@nhs.net or bsmhft.communityengagement@nhs.net.

Volunteer - We are always looking for friendly helpers to join us on the day. If you would like to volunteer at this year’s Community Fun Days call 0121 301 1067 or email: bsmhft.communityengagement@nhs.net.  

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