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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
Better Together

Equality, diversity, inclusion and human rights

The government's equality strategy 'Building a fairer Britain' is underpinned by the two principles of equal treatment and equal opportunity.

By working towards the elimination of prejudice and discrimination, Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust can deliver services that are personal, fair and diverse and a society that is healthier and happier.  This means making the Trust more accountable to the community it serves and tackling discrimination in the work place.

The Trust has a legacy of commitment to equality and diversity that involves and consults with the multi-cultured population it serves and the staff it employs. Our Trust is committed to ensuring that equality and diversity is at the heart of all we do. This means ensuring that equality and fairness is embedded in the delivery of services to our service users and local community. It also means ensuring our employment practices are fair, flexible and enabling so each member of staff can reach their full potential.

Latest News

Sue Hartley recognised by Stonewall
Stonewall held their Midlands Diversity Champions awards on Wednesday 22 March. At the ceremony our Executive Director of Nursing, Sue Hartley, was named West Midlands Ally of the Year for her commitment to supporting and promoting diversity and inclusion in the Trust, particularly in relation to LGBT staff. 

The Trust would like to congratulate Sue, as well as the LGBT+ network which has really raised the profile and understanding of LGBT issues amongst our staff.

Take a look at Sue's certificate.

What is equality and diversity?

These two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, however, the terms ‘equality’ and ‘diversity’ are not the same.
Equality is about making sure everyone is treated fairly and given an equitable chance to access opportunities.  It is not about treating everyone the same way as they may have different needs to achieve the same outcomes.

Diversity means ‘difference’.  When it is used in the same context as ‘equality’, it is about recognising and valuing individual as well as group differences.  It also means treating people as individuals and placing positive value on the diversity they bring as a result of them belonging to a certain personal protected characteristic or their cultural background.

As a result of diversity meaning difference, we sometime focus on our differences and put aside what we have in common, a focus on commonality will most likely promote a more inclusive and cohesive workforce.

Why are equality, diversity and inclusion important to us?

  • We wish to provide a service that is accessible, provide choice and is flexible to the community we serve
  • We wish to recruit and retain the most creative and committed staff to work with us from all community groups so we can better represent the society we serve
  • We have a corporate social responsibility
  • We have moral and legal obligation

We are keen to ensure that our services recognise and deliver culturally sensitive, inclusive, accessible and appropriate services which make a difference to individual lives and to ensure that the services we provide do so without discrimination.  We are committed to ensuring that our approach to our staff is the same as our approach to our service users being open and transparent, focused and based on our values.