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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
Better Together

Equality in Employment Monitoring

Our aim is to be an inclusive employer, ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to gain employment with us.

Our equality monitoring reports assist us in understanding our workforce profile. The documents focus on diversity strands allowing us to understand trends and take action to work towards greater inclusion.

Our Trust has three key aims for providing equal opportunities in employment:

  • to ensure that our workforce represents our local communities at all levels and across all occupations
  • to ensure our employment policies and practices are used fairly and equally, and that different groups gain the same positive experiences from working for our Trust
  • to promote good relations between all people who work for our Trust, including volunteers and individuals employed by other organisations.


Our Trust continues to work to put equality and diversity at the centre of our employment policies and practices, making sure that they are not seen as ‘add-ons’.

We monitor our workforce profile, and our recruitment and employment processes, by race, disability and gender (in accordance with our legal duties), as well as by age and working pattern. This helps us to identify whether any groups are suffering disadvantage in:

  • their day-to-day working life
  • applying for employment
  • applying for promotion
  • applying for training
  • receive training
  • disciplinary action
  • grievances
  • having their performance reviewed
  • whistle blowing
  • leaving their employment with the Trust


Equality in Employment Monitoring reports are made every three months to our Human Resources Forum and Equality Steering Group, where the need for any further actions is discussed and agreed.

We also monitor the levels of staff satisfaction and experience of working for our Trust through our annual staff survey. Feedback from this survey helps us to make informed decisions about what needs to be done to address concerns raised by staff, as well understanding what employment policies and practices are having a positive impact on staff.