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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
Better Together

Gender Reassignment

Trust Commitment

Gender is a significant factor in determining an individual’s pathway to, exclusion from, and avoidance of mental health services, but it is a factor to which insufficient attention has been paid in the past. Our Trust is committed to ensuring equality of access and outcomes for all service users, regardless of gender. The Trust is also committed to improving its services and workforce policy according to Stonewall's Workplace Equality Index.


Trans Inclusion Policy   
The government has written a guide for employers, which can be viewed here. Additionally, here is the Government's 2016 response to the Transgender Equality Report by the Women and Equalities Committee.


Stonewall's Come Out For Trans Equality Campaign

Stonewall has launched a Transgender Equality Campaign called "Come Out For Trans Equality" - they have produced a useful glossary of terms relating to gender, including descriptions such as non-binary and intersex. 


LGBT Network

For extra support in the workplace, or even if you want to raise something with colleagues, then the LGBT Staff Network might be the place for you.


Useful Links

An overview of your rights in relation to transgender discrimination
Access to health services for transgender people 

Transgender Europe

Document by the Gender Identity Research & Education Society for Members of Parliament and the House of Lords regarding Transsexualism