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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
Better Together

Religion or belief

Our Trust has a multi-faith workforce providing services to a multi-faith population. We recognise that it is important to take into account the personal needs of service users and staff of diverse religious and faith groups, and of people with no religious belief. This includes religious, cultural and dietary needs, which must be met in a sensitive and appropriate way.

We work closely with many faith institutions and places of worship that are involved in a wide range of educational, health and social welfare activities, especially for black and minority ethnic communities. This helps us to continue to provide services that meet the specific needs of each group.

At work, we welcome different forms of dress according to cultural and religious backgrounds, balanced with the need to provide a safe place of work that is focused on our service users.

We are also committed to promoting an inclusive working culture where people can practice their religion or belief safely and without fear of harassment and discrimination. Within our flexible working practices our Trust also provides scope for prayer and reflection.

Employer's guide to religion or belief in the workplace
The Equality and Human Rights Commission published its guidance on religion or belief in the workplace. It covers what religion or belief is, how employee requests should be handled, and online training for employers and trade union representatives. It also features a report which looks at how well the law in Great Britain protects individuals with a religion or belief, or lack of religion or belief.