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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
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Sexual Orientation

It is estimated that between 5% and 10% of the UK population define themselves as gay and lesbian, and this means that a significant number of the Trust’s service users and staff will be gay and lesbian.

Our Trust recognises that lesbians, gays and bisexuals may experience prejudice, discrimination and disadvantage as a result of their sexual orientation. It is known that sexual orientation and gender identity contribute to health inequalities and poor experience of health services.

Gay, lesbian and bisexual individuals have higher levels of mental ill health than their heterosexual counterparts. Older gay, lesbian and bisexual people are five times less likely to access services for older people than is the case in the general older population, because they fear discrimination, homophobia and ignorance.

Our Trust is committed to ensuring equality of access and outcomes for all service users, regardless of sexual orientation, and to ensure the delivery of services is not based on the assumption that everyone is heterosexual.

We are committed to creating an inclusive culture where all individuals feel safe and are able to make their sexuality public if they wish to do so. The Trust has a zero tolerance attitude towards any form of discrimination, and has developed an LGBT+ Staff Network run by volunteers. Any member of the Trust is welcome to attend their meetings, which are held once a month.

Sue Hartley - Stonewall Diversity Champion 
Stonewall held their Midlands Diversity Champions awards on Wednesday 22 March 2017. At the ceremony our Executive Director of Nursing, Sue Hartley, was named West Midlands Ally of the Year for her commitment to supporting and promoting diversity and inclusion in the Trust, particularly in relation to LGBT staff. 

The Trust would like to congratulate Sue as well as the LGBT+ network, which has really raised the profile and understanding of LGBT issues amongst our staff.

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