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Take care of others by taking care of yourself. In #jabathon week Godfrey tells us why it’s so important for frontline staff to get their annual flu jab

Published: 29/10/2019

This week’s #jabathon highlights the importance of having the flu jab, encouraging frontline staff to make time to get their vaccination before flu starts to circulate.

We’re giving our colleagues the opportunity to have the flu jab to protect themselves, their families and the service users they care for.

Mental Health Nurse for BSMHFT, Godfrey Hull was delighted to be part of the annual national NHS flu vaccine marketing campaign and talks about why the flu vaccination is important to him.   

 “Flu outbreaks are more likely to occur in the autumn/winter months of September to March, with the potential threat from three to four different flu strains each year.

“The flu vaccination is important for frontline healthcare staff to help protect not only themselves, but also their service users, work colleagues and family members from the influenza virus”.

“I was keen to be part of this year’s flu campaign

“I have been a Trust vaccinator for the last 10 years now.

Many work colleagues I have vaccinated over the years have reported that not only does the vaccine protect them from the flu, but they also tend to have less common cold symptoms during the year.

This positive feedback makes being a part of the annual flu jab campaign worthwhile”.

For more information about the flu vaccine please visit: nhs.uk/conditions/vaccinations/flu-influenza-vaccine/ 

Godfrey Hull