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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
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Covid-19 Mental Health Support Offer for Birmingham and Solihull 

Published: 09/04/2020

A new Mental Health Support offer is now in place offering emotional help, guidance and reassurance to people in Birmingham and Solihull who may be finding the current Coronavirus situation overwhelming.

As well as supporting the public with their worries and increased anxieties about COVID-19, there is also a dedicated helpline to provide support to frontline and key workers.

A number of local organisations are working together to deliver this new service including ourselves, Birmingham Mind, Forward Thinking Birmingham, the Living Well Consortium and Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust

The table below shows how you can access this support, including opening hours and contact details.


Opening hours and contact details

Key workers including NHS staff

7 days a week (9am-11pm):

0121 663 1217

Over 18s in Birmingham and Solihull

7 days a week (9am-11pm):

0121 262 3555                

0-18 year olds in Birmingham

   7 days a week (10am-6pm):  

0207 841 4470


0-19 year olds in Solihull

Monday- Friday (8am-8pm):

0121 301 2750

Weekends and evenings (8pm-8am):

0121 301 5500

11-25 year olds in Solihull

Counselling and support 24/7:




How will this offer support me as an existing service user?

This support offer is not replacing anything we already offer but complements our existing services.

As a service user, you may find some elements of the support offered helpful; for example, if you are feeling anxious as a result of the COVID19 pandemic or you have worries about debt or housing,

Will this offer help me as a carer?

The mental health support may be useful to you as a carer if you are feeling anxious as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic

I am not a receiving support from Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust. Can I access this offer?

You can access this offer. It is primarily aimed at those who are not currently in mental health services as it has been recognised that the current situation will heighten levels of anxiety among the general public.

If someone is triaged as having a more complex mental health need they will be referred to our services. 


I am a member of NHS staff. Is this support available to me?

This support offer has specific support for key workers including NHS staff through a dedicated helpline and you may find this beneficial.


How will the Mental Health Support Offer help me?

The service aims to offer support with coping strategies, the effects of social isolation, easing worries around COVID-19, tackling loneliness, reducing relationship context and easing stress on key workers. The support you could be offered includes:

  • counselling on anxiety and depression
  • counselling with a trauma/PTSD focus (for keyworkers)
  • IAPT provision
  • community based mental health treatment and support 
  • solution focused therapy
  • practical advice and guidance on issues such as, housing and debt and signposting to relevant organisations


Do I need a referral to access this service?

No referral is needed. You can access the support by calling the relevant telephone number in the above table.