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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
Better Together

Recovering addicts joining forces on UK Recovery Radio

A  group of recovering addicts have joined forces to lift the lid on life after addiction.

The team of 15 volunteer reporters have created a podcast to spread their message and have uploaded it to the internet for sharing.

The group are all members of a new venture called UK Recovery Radio which was launched in Birmingham in January of this year.

Their Purple Bull Podcast features interviews with people in recovery and professionals across different fields of addiction and examines what life holds for former addicts.

It includes the first episode of Step Up to the Plate, a 12-step discussion forum with fellowship members and curious others.

UK Recovery Radio began in January with an £800 award from the Trust. Meeting on Saturday mornings in Birmingham, all of the volunteers are drawn from the recovery community with the collective aim to inspire, promote and celebrate recovery from addiction.

The programme is called The Purple Bull Podcast because purple is the colour adopted by the worldwide recovery movement and the project is based in Birmingham, home of the world famous Bull Ring and host to the 5th UK Recovery Walk in September.

The group is open to volunteers from the recovery community and is now seeking further funding to develop accredited training and set up their own studio.

For more information see the website http://recoveryradio.blogspot.co.uk where you can download or listen to the podcast and read the blog on how the project has developed so far and Keep Coming Back, an article accompanying the Step Up To The Plate series.

Contact: Nick Shough on 07426 060 431 or Mark Powell on 07896 164 806