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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
Better Together

An agreed purpose for improved mental health in Birmingham

Published: 14/12/2015

We all want to provide better help for people who are suffering from, or who are at severe risk of, mental health problems.

Therefore a document put together by local organisations has been produced to set out, not to be a broad strategy document, but an agreed statement of purpose for improving the mental health of people from across Birmingham. It looks to address the improved outcomes that we have all agreed to work to deliver across health, social care, local authority, police and criminal justice services.

This shared purpose will be used to ensure that all of our work programmes clearly define how they will deliver at least one of these outcomes. The Mental Health System Strategy Board, which is represented by all of the organisations listed on the front cover of the document, will then be very clear over the coming years about what we should achieve, but also on how well we are doing in delivering these. 

You can download the document below.

An agreed purpose for improved MH in Bham