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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
Better Together

Innovation at our Trust

Our Trust has an active innovation agenda whereby we support the development of innovative ideas and where possible, securing of relevant funding.

What is innovation?

There are many definitions of innovation. BSMHFT use a version of the definition provided in ‘Innovation Health and Wealth' (DoH, 2011), “An idea, service or product new to BSMHFT or applied in a way that is new to BSMHFT, which significantly improves the quality of health and care wherever it is applied”.

Innovation at BSMHFT relates to new products or ideas. Innovation includes either products or services that we develop or that have been developed elsewhere which we think will add value at BSMHFT (e.g.an app first developed in another NHS Trust; a service established in social care; a tool currently in use in surgical settings or a piece of software created for banking). The Innovation team is on hand to assist any BSMHFT staff member, patients, or carers, to develop and adapt such ideas (see the innovation pipeline) as well as provide advice on all aspects of innovation.

Why innovate?

Innovation is progress. R&I are really keen to hear from any staff that has an original idea that can help things work differently with a positive impact as this could be an innovation! Innovations can focus on new models of care, expanding access to digital services, and quality improvement. Contact the R&I team for further guidance.