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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
Better Together

Tendering process

As a guide to potential suppliers the tendering process will generally consist of the following:

Advertisement via www.ted.europa.eu or https://online.contractsfinder.businesslink.gov.uk

Tenders are also accessible via  www.bsmhft.bravosolution.co.uk.  Instructions for registering interest are included in the advert.

Pre qualification questionnaire (PQQ)

This may be carried out at the advertisement stage or carried out separately once expressions of interest have been registered.  The intention at this stage is to carry out a shortlisting exercise to identify organisations that have the capability of meeting the Trust’s requirements and to shortlist down to a manageable number of organisations for the tendering stage.  If there is not a large number of “expressions of interest” received the Trust may decide not to carry out the PQQ stage.

Invitation to tender (ITT)

Shortlisted organisations will be asked to submit tenders via the Trusts eTendering site www.bsmhft.bravosolution.co.uk.  All documents will be uploaded and downloaded electronically.  Clarification of ITT documents is allowed although information will be sent to all tendering organisations on a Q&A basis.

Tender evaluation

Tender responses will be evaluated and scored as per the criteria laid down in the ITT documents, and contracts will be awarded on a most economically advantageous basis.  The evaluations may go through a number of stages which may require further clarification on organisation responses, or company presentations, before a final decision is reached.  All organisations will be treated equally and fairly throughout the evaluation and award process.

Contract award

Once the evaluation process is complete, organisations will be contacted and advised whether or not they have been successful.  For contracts advertised via the EU journal, an intention to award statement will be made, after which follows a “10 calendar day standstill period” during which companies can request a debriefing as to why they were not successful, before the official award is made.  Regardless of whether the requirement is advertised via the EU Journal, the Trust welcomes requests for debriefings from unsuccessful or successful organisations.

Service level agreements

For some service contracts, following contract award, further discussions may be carried out to finalise the detailed operational service requirements and key performance indicators.  This will be the operational document to be referred to in contract/service review meetings.