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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
Better Together

Staff Governors

Introducing staff governors 

The staff Governors our staff elected are working for Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust on behalf of all staff.

  • They represent staff interests. 
  • Our staff can help them carry out their role effectively by giving them their views. 
  • Staff can tell them how they feel services can be improved.
  • Staff can pass on the ideas and suggestions they feel would enhance patient care or the working lives of staff. Let them know what you think your Trust should offer.


Who are my Governors?

There are three staff governors on the Council of Governors. The Governors represent separate ‘classes’ of the staff constituencies in the Trust:

Brendan Hayes - Executive Director of Operations
Vacant, Non-Medical Clinical Governor
Brendan Hayes - Executive Director of Operations
Vacant, Clinical Staff Governor
Brendan Hayes - Executive Director of Operations
Vacant, Non-Clinical Staff Governor

What Staff Governors do?

The Staff Governor role includes:

The Trust has three Staff Governors who voluntarily put themselves forward for election to represent the staff members in order to make a real contribution to the strategic direction and governance of the Trust.

Our Staff Governors play a key role by informing the Council of Governors about widely held staff views especially if these views have an impact on issues of patient safety, patient experience and quality of services and they consider that these issues are not being fully addressed by the Board of Directors. 

Staff Governors feed into the Chair of the Trust (who is an independent person) working with the Trust Board and Non-Executive Directors.  In addition to taking part in the formal business of the Council of Governors, staff governors fulfill a number of other roles including:

  • being involved in the staff engagement programme: Pro-Active Partnership, Listen up Conversations 
  • informing staff about the work of the Council of Governors;
  • representing the interests and views of staff members throughout the Trust (excluding contractual issues or where there may be a potential conflict of interest)
  • signposting staff to sources of help and guidance, for example, how to raise a concern, how to access the employee assistance programme and directing staff to Human Resources for help with individual employment issues etc.


The Staff Governor role is distinctive because it provides an opportunity for staff members to have a voice in the running of the Trust and how services may be improved to enhance patient care. 

Acting as a conduit for widely held staff views and bring these to the attention of the Council of Governors if issues of concern are not being appropriately addressed by the Trust.

Staff Governors:

  • do not duplicate the work of other staff representatives (e.g. Trade Union representatives or professional bodies);
  • are not involved in negotiations about pay and terms and conditions;
  • do not deal with specific individual issues for staff, for example, disciplinary or grievance issues which are dealt with by formal staff representatives. 

The Staff Governor role is distinctive as it provides an opportunity for staff members to have a voice in the running of the Trust and how services may be improved to enhance patient                                                                                                                                         

How do I contact my governor?

You can contact your staff governor by email:

Neil Edwards - neil.edwards@nhs.net

Julie Ramsdale-Owen - bsmhft.nonclinicalstaffgovernor@nhs.net

You can also call the governor liaison office (0121 301 1096), or by writing to the governor c/o: Governor Liaison Office, BSMHFT, 50 Summer Hill Road, Birmingham, B1 3RB.

Could I become a Staff Governor?

Yes, if you are a member of Trust staff. Staff Governors have a three-year term and staff interested in standing for the election can request a  nomination pack from the electoral services organisation, managing the election for the Trust when a seat falls vacant in their class of the staff constituency. Staff will be notified of the electoral services organisation.

You must be a staff member of the foundation Trust to qualify for nomination. If you have previously opted out of membership, but would like to re-register contact the membership office on ext 1083.

Benefits of becoming a Staff Governor:

  • Attendance at the Council of Governor meetings to be able to influence and input into strategic decisions;
  • Enhance skills and knowledge by accessing training to fulfill the duties of the governor role e.g. recruitment and selection for the appointment of the Chair or Non-Executive Directors, Finance training for understanding the accounting and financial performance;
  • Explain and communicate the organisational strategy to staff through various channels e.g. Connect, Staff Governor surgeries, reports on Council of Governor meetings.