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Dealing with stress

Stress is the word which many people use when they are describing how the demands of day to day life seem to be becoming too great for them to cope with.

This ability to cope varies from person to person and what one person finds stressful may not be a problem for another. Whilst many of us suffer with stress at times in our day to day lives, long-term stress is known to be bad for our health and many of us would like to find ways to gain some control over it.

How do I get help with stress

You don't have to cope alone with stress. The Birmingham Healthy Minds service can help you by giving advice, information and brief psychological therapies to help you deal with stress. Simply click the button below to contact us:

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The signs of stress can vary from person to person but some of the most common ones include headaches, muscle tension or pain, stomach problems, breathlessness or palpitations and feeling irritable.

If you have some of these signs it may be that you are experiencing stress. The above are some of the short-term signs but long-term health risks from stress can be serious. For example, heart disease, high blood pressure, severe depression, stroke, migraine, severe anxiety, asthma, low resistance to infection, bowel problems, stomach problems especially ulcers, fatigue and sleep problems.


Alternatively, you can refer yourself by calling our service on 0121 301 2525.

We will be able to answer your call between 9.30am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.  Please be patient as telephone lines can become very busy due to high demand on our service.

You can also text 'BHM' to 60777 and we will call you back*. 

Alternatively, your GP can refer you to us by sending us your details and you can ask your GP to notify us of any special requirements in accessing our service, for example if English is not your first language and you require an interpreter.

If you require further information please visit our links page.

* By texting us on 60777, you are agreeing for Birmingham Healthy Minds to contact you (who are part of Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust) to receive further information on our service. This will cost you the price of a standard rate text message.