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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
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Medication Information

It is particularly important during the current Coronavirus outbreak that if you are taking medicines for your mental health condition that you continue to take them.  Do not stop taking them unless you are advised to do so following a discussion with your consultant psychiatrist, GP or mental health team.

Prescription Supplies

You should continue to obtain prescription medicines at the same regular interval that you were doing so before the outbreak started.  You should ensure that you make arrangements for continued supply of prescribed medicines in plenty of time (usually about a week) so you do not run out of medicines.

If you are concerned about supplies of your medicine then speak to your normal dispensing pharmacy, GP or your mental health team.  If there are problems, we may be able to solve them or advise on a suitable alternative solution.

If you are a shielded patient then arrangements can be made to deliver your prescription medicines, either via your mental health team or your community pharmacy, whichever applies.

Blood Tests and your Medicines

If you normally have blood tests to check that your medicines are still suitable for you then these may need to be rearranged, particularly if you need to self-isolate for a time period covering the blood test appointment or if you are shielded then we can arrange to delay this until the end of the shielded period.  If you are taking clozapine then we can make special arrangements for you to continue receiving your clozapine during your shielded period.
Regular Injections

If you are having regular injectable medication for your mental health condition then we may discuss with you a change to the frequency of injections and the dose so you have less frequent injections.  We will aim to ensure that this does not adversely affect your treatment nor the experience of treatment.

For further advice, please contact your mental health team, consultant psychiatrist, GP or the trust pharmacy service on 0121 301 5160.  There is also further information on mental health medicines on our Choice and Medication website.