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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
Better Together

Quality Matters 

Since starting the New Care Model in 2017, there have been significant achievements to improve the care of people requiring access to Adult Secure Care Services at low and medium secure level from the West Midlands. This has been brought about by:

  • Improved clinical collaboration across the three core partners; 
  • A focused Case Management Team, surveying quality and focusing on pathway facilitation on those in and out of area; 
  • Increased understanding of the needs of patients and monitoring as whether these needs are met; 
  • Improved data and analytics of that data to understand pressures, trends, opportunities and potential problems and an overall willingness amongst the partners to improve Adult Secure Care for people from the West Midlands.  

Collaboration is at the heart of our approach to quality assurance and improvement service development and clinical workforce.

The pandemic has been a challenging time for Adult Secure Care as it has been for the whole NHS. The value of improved clinical collaboration and relationships to support patients and services was demonstrated.  There is a desire across Reach Out to build on this spirit of collaboration and inspire towards excellence of Adult Secure Care in the West Midlands.  This aspiration extends beyond hospitals into further improvement of the community pathway and services available to those within secure care; support to the wider mental health system to prevent where possible escalation up into Secure care; to work collaboratively with the Clinical Justice System which is the largest referrer to Adult Secure Care and to improve quality at all levels through co-production with a patients, carers, and staff.  Achievements in the last 4 years have been notable but there is still much to be done and in particular to tackle health inequalities.  We are confident that as a COLLABORATIVE we have the expertise, values, and attitudes to achieve our aspirations

Aims of the Collaborative

The formation of the Reach Out Provider Collaborative will enable providers to work together and use the collective expertise to improve patient care and outcomes across the region. 

The aim is to ensure that people with a serious mental illness, learning disabilities or autism requiring secure services experience high quality, specialist care, as close to home as appropriately possible. 

This specialist care will also be connected with their local teams and support networks.

A new clinical model has been developed that puts the patients at the centre of everything we do, having them and their families and carers fully engaged and co-producing the Collaborative’s plans and services. We aim to have our patients feel they are understood, accepted, and supported in a safe and inclusive environment - whatever their needs and characteristics.

This clinical model will provide the foundation for how services and pathways are transformed. The details of the clinical model have been described in the Collaborative’s Business Case, which has been approved by NHS England as part of the devolution of the commissioning responsibilities. 


As an integral part of Quality Assurance and Improvement we need to include the people who receive our services. This will enhance the quality of the services we commission as we can then measure improvements for staff, patients/service users and carers/families as a whole.

If you are a patient/service user or carer interested in helping us improve quality, then you might like to get in touch on bsmhft.reachoutquality@nhs.net. Alternatively, go to Get involved.

Service users attended workshops to co-produce the clinical model to ensure it delivers their requirements.