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Fact or Fiction

'1 in 10 young people have mental health problems in their childhood or adolescence.' Fact!

If you're still at school, think about your class - it is likely that 3 of your classmates have some kind of issues that they might need help with. 

Good mental health is just as important as good physical health. If you break a leg you see a doctor and soon it will get fixed. If you have asthma you might need longer term support. 

It’s the same with mental health; some things can be sorted out quickly but others might take a lot of time and support, but there are people in Solar CAMHS who are there to help you, whatever the issue.

Remember, everyone has ups and downs, times that we feel stressed, frightened, and can't be bothered doing anything, and most of the time these feelings pass.

Sometimes, when these feelings don't pass and they stop us doing the things we usually do, or stop us reaching our full potential, these feelings can develop into more serious problems.

What is emotional wellbeing/mental health?

Young people can face many pressures and challenges on a daily basis. Sometimes things around you (school, friendships, family difficulties) or specific events (moving to a new area, the death of someone close) can affect you. You may find that you develop a physical health problem or you may develop a mental health problem (you may feel very sad, or anxious or you may feel very angry and upset and not know how to deal with these feelings).

Sometimes you might require a little help for these difficulties, this could be from parents/carers, someone at school, or a friend or it may be that you need more specialist help, from Solar. At Solar we want everyone to work towards good emotional wellbeing. We will support you through assessment, treatment and recovery of your mental health difficulties.

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Young Minds is the UK's leading charity dedicated to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people. They are looking for young people under the age of 25 who have received or considered mental health services to join their digital network, Young Voices Amplified. By joining the network, you will hear about all the latest news, updates and opportunities from Young Mings. Find out more and join the network.

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