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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
Better Together

Our key principles

  • Our flexible and responsive approach means that referrals are prioritised so that resources are deployed on the most urgent cases and care planning is tailored to the different forensic or non-forensic needs of the young person.
  • We work closely with health, social care, youth justice, policy, courts, youth offending teams and education in a whole system approach.
  • Our team is visible and accessible across the West Midlands and forges strong relationships with local services, providing services close to home at locations to suit the young person and their family.
  • We work collaboratively with commissioners and other stakeholder to identify gaps in services and pathways, share innovation and best practice and develop strategic solutions to influence practice and improve outcomes.
  • We provide clinical supervision, teaching and training to local services and teams to give them the skills and confidence to identify high risk young people early, manage risk and provide interventions.
  • We provide early intervention to address mental health needs and risks and prevent escalation into youth custody or inpatient care.
  • We play an important role in enabling the voices of young people and their families are heard.
Youth First