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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
Better Together

The Trust Board and its meetings

Our Trust Board meets every two months to discuss important issues. It is responsible for setting the direction of our Trust - by reviewing how we're doing at the moment and making plans for the future.

Our board meetings are open for the public to attend and observe.

Please note: Due to the current social distancing requirements relating to COVID-19, the Board of Directors is currently meeting remotely. Therefore, we still want to provide the public with an opportunity to raise any questions. Therefore, once the agenda and accompanying papers have been published for the meeting, if you want to raise any question, please send it to hannahsullivan@nhs.net, 24 hours before the meeting. The question will be asked at the Board meeting, and we will respond after the meeting.


Trust board meetings in public

For more information about Trust Board meetings, please contact:

Hannah Sullivan Corporate Governance & Membership Manager

Email: hannahsullivan@nhs.net