If you are experiencing mental health problems for the first time

If you think that you, or a relative or friend, might be experiencing some form of mental health problem you should make an appointment with your GP.

Your GP is your family doctor, the doctor you would normally go to see if you are ill or concerned about your health.

Most people who have a health problem go to their GP for help and advice. It is the same for mental health problems.

What will happen when I visit my GP?

  • When you visit your GP, he or she will begin to work out what sort of problem you are experiencing by asking you about the symptoms or feelings you’ve been having and then discussing these with you.
  • He or she will then direct you to the help you need. This could be medication, some advice, or counselling from a trained counsellor or nurse. Your GP may also refer you to one of our specialist mental health services.
  • Most people with mental health problems are treated or helped by their GP or someone from the wider primary care team such as a counsellor or nurse.
  • Often people do not feel very confident about going to their GP.
  • It can help to make a list of the problems and questions you wish to talk to your GP about, as it can be difficult to remember everything. You may also wish to take a friend or relative with you for support.

Birmingham Healthy Minds

Alternatively, if you are feeling low in mood, stressed or anxious, but do not require urgent care, our Birmingham Healthy Minds service may be able to help you. Click here for further information about the service and how you can access it.

For more information about mental health problems, read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

You can also find good quality information and advice from the following links:

NHS Choices


The Mental Health Foundation

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