Alex Fisher, Senior Occupational Therapist in Neuropsychiatry has been nominated for a Helen Bolter Award for her commitment to supporting those diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorders (FND).

Alex Fisher

Working at the Trust for nine years, Alex was nominated for her exemplary efforts supporting patients and their families diagnosed with FND, a problem largely impacting the function of the brain that affects the way you move, feel, speak, and think.

The Helen Bolter Award is an annual programme run by the charity FND Hope UK. Its aim is to identify, recognise and reward any healthcare professional who has gone above and beyond to remove the stigma surrounding FND.

Alex works hard to dispel any stigmas surrounding FND and has created a programme that helps her patients with FND understand how their brain works, enables them to recognise their limits and provides them with tips and tricks to help them cope with the disorder.

One patient said:

I have gained a lot of acceptance since working with Alex, I’ve tamed my anger around the condition and learnt how to take back control. Even if only small parts. I wouldn’t be where I am with this condition without the cheerleader that is Alex.

Alex Fisher said:

I am so grateful to be recognised for this award. Apart from it being a lovely surprise I was nominated; I am thrilled that this gives us the opportunity to raise more awareness about FND.

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