Today we are shining a spotlight on Fiona Lewis, Principal Clinical Psychologist for our Solar Eating Disorders service. Fiona was nominated by Dr Harvey Tagger who said:

a picture of Fiona Lewis

“Fiona has been with the Trust for many years and dedicated her clinical experience to child and adolescent mental health services. Fiona has grown in her role as a principal clinical psychologist in the Solar Eating Disorders service and with the team, ensuring that the service is able to grow with a wider offer. She is a compassionate, inclusive, and committed person and in this past year has supported a variety of clinicians to develop in their roles, from assistant psychologists, trainee psychologists and team members. I personally value Fiona’s contribution and reflections and find it very grounding for myself.”

We touched base with Fiona to tell us in her own words what her heritage means to her, here’s what she said:

“My Jamaican heritage is extremely important to me and has helped shape my identity. Respecting elders, equal rights, and appreciating education are just a few of my own values which l believe have their roots in my ancestry and upbringing. Everything, from the food I love to eat (ackee and saltfish being my favourite dish) to the music I enjoy, has its origins in Caribbean culture.

“During my school days, slavery was the only aspect of Black history that was taught in the curriculum. The crucial role that people from African and Caribbean backgrounds played throughout history was largely overlooked. In adulthood, I have been able to immerse myself in the richness of Black history in a way that was not previously available to me. 

“I am tremendously proud of our contribution to society over the centuries. Understanding both the sacrifices and achievements made by past generations and icons such as Mary Seacole, Rosa Parkes, and Frederick Douglas (to name but a few) is inspirational.”

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