Watching a loved one suffer with an alcohol addiction can be extremely distressing and scary, but you are not alone.

Harmful drinking can cause a great deal of pain not only for the drinker, but also for those around them. This can come in many forms such as mental and physical health problems, financial worries, relationship breakdowns and parenting difficulties.

We know it’s hard, and we are here to help.

Living with someone with an alcohol addiction can be unstable and unpredictable, this is often intensified at Christmas.

Solihull Integrated Addiction Service (SIAS) offers a range of free, confidential, and non-judgemental services for families, regardless of if the concerned person is in treatment or not.

Our Family Support Workers can help you with:

  • advice and information on what you can do to support the person
  • one-to-one sessions providing a space to explore how you are affected by the person’s substance misuse, and strategies for dealing with it
  • meeting other families once a month.

If you want to access our Family Support service, or just find out a bit more about it, please call 0121 301 4141 or email