And the winner for January’s Team of the Month is… Sage Unit!

Located at our Juniper Centre, Sage is an inpatient unit currently caring for 17 older adults with mental health issues.

All units at Juniper offer 24-hour specialist mental health care for service users with acute organic (such as dementia) or functional (such as depression or psychosis) ongoing mental health issues.

Sage Unit were nominated for a Team of the Month award after they recognised a sudden change in a patient’s physical health condition and called an ambulance.

They remained calm and professional and followed the instructions they were given. Due to industrial action, it would be several hours before an ambulance could respond but the staff remained calm and the patient stabilised and explained that they had chest pain. The staff updated the ambulance service with this new symptom.

When the paramedics arrived they received a clear handover from the team. The patient had a positive outcome, no doubt helped by the calm, rapid and professional response by the team on Sage.

Well done everyone!

Chief Executive, Roísìn Fallon-Williams arrived to present the unit with their certificate and to thank them personally for their incredible work.