Mental health problems such as depression, self-harm, alcohol and drug abuse or suicidal thoughts can affect anyone, but they’re more common among people who are LGBTQ+.

Being LGBTQ+ does not cause mental health problems, but some experiences LGBTQ+ people go through can affect their mental health, such as discrimination, homophobia or transphobia, social isolation, rejection, and difficult experiences of ‘coming out’. In fact, 27% of LGBTQ+ people reported that they were worried, anxious or embarrassed about going to access mental health services.

A study by Stonewall, an LGBTQ+ rights charity, found that over the previous year:

  • half of LGBTQ+ people had experienced depression, and three in five had experienced anxiety
  • one in eight LGBTQ+ people aged 18 to 24 had attempted to end their life
  • almost half of trans people had thought about taking their life

We want you to know that you are not alone. There is always someone here to listen to you, help is out there.

Our team of mental health professionals have compiled a list of local and regional organisations that are available to support the mental health and wellbeing of LBGTQ+ people in the community.

a woman looking at her phone
 with the words 27% of LGBTQ+ people reported that they were worried, anxious or embarrassed about going to access mental health services.

NHS Talking Therapies

Talking therapies, or psychological therapies, are effective and confidential treatments delivered by fully trained and accredited NHS practitioners. They can help if you’re struggling with things like feelings of depression, excessive worry, social anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Birmingham’s LGBTQ+ centre

The centre offers a range of services for the LGBTQ+ Community in Birmingham and beyond. Including sexual health, domestic violence, counselling, wellbeing support and more.

Pink Sou’westers

Pink Sou’westers offers affordable, accessible, inclusive, non-scene events and activities for lesbians, gay men, bisexual and trans people and their guests regardless of age or area of residence. They are a mixed group appealing to more mature LGBTQ+ people with an age range mostly 40 upwards but welcome everyone.

Acacia family support with PND, depression and anxiety

Support groups for LGBTQ+ parents struggling with their mental health.

Horizon Sexual Assault Referral Centre

Horizon Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) is located at Hodge Hill Family Practice within Birmingham. They provide coordinated, forensic, counselling and aftercare services to men, women and people who identify by another gender living in the West Midlands who have experienced rape or sexual assault, recent or non-recent.

Yarana Group

Yarana is a face-to-face support group that has been created to help bring South Asian and Middle Eastern LGBTQ+ people together with the aim to create a safe and welcoming space and promote positive health and wellbeing. This is held at the Birmingham LGBT Centre, every three weeks on a Saturday between 4pm – 6pm. 

National organisations


Age UK has brought together information and advice for older LGBT+ people.


Advice and guidance on everything LGBTQ+ rights and how to support the community.


Galop support LGBT+ people who are victims of domestic abuse, sexual violence, hate crime, so-called conversion therapies, honour-based abuse, forced marriage, and other forms of abuse.


Get information about mental health support for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, non-binary, queer or questioning (LGBTIQ).

Pink Therapy

Pink Therapy has an online directory of therapists who work with people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer or questioning (LGBTIQ), and people who are gender- and sexual-diverse (GSD).

Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline

Switchboard provides a listening service for LGBT+ people over the phone, via email and online chat. It can provide you with contact details of an LGBT+-friendly therapist.


Imaan is a charity that supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer or questioning (LGBTQ) Muslims, providing an online forum where people can share experiences and ask for help.


Mermaids has been supporting transgender, nonbinary and gender-diverse children, young people, and their families since 1995.