“Men aren’t invincible” says Patrick Nyarumbu, Deputy Chief Executive.

Patrick Nyarumbu smiling

Being vulnerable isn’t easy, but it’s important that we share how we feel, just like Patrick. In this article, Patrick explains how important it is to reach out for help if you need it. Opening up about his emotions is something that Patrick admits is work in progress, but we all start somewhere, and hopefully this could be the encouragement you need to take that first step. Here’s what Patrick said:

“I’ve not always found it easy to talk to people, in fact, and as an introvert I have had to work on it, but I am also aware that for others, it can come naturally.

I have worked as a mental health nurse for 25 years and I have seen countless men, young and old suffer with their mental health, often suppressing their emotions to the detriment of their mental wellbeing.

Men aren’t invincible, we cry, we feel pain, we feel sorrow, we get anxious, we get self-conscious, and it’s perfectly normal to feel that way.

Although at times I still find it difficult to be vulnerable enough to talk about my own feelings, I have a good support network of men that I can connect with. We encourage each other to talk about our mental wellbeing to ensure we are there for each other. This can be through social gatherings or other ways people find comfortable to connect.

I am part of an amazing professional network called Jabali Men’s Network. We meet monthly to support each other and connect outside of these meetings if needed. I have very close family relationships which also helps me to manage my work/ life balance.

Jabali Men's Network group picture

I have also recently found it rewarding to reach out to friends and colleagues that I haven’t heard from for a while. Sometimes it’s good to feel that someone cares and is thinking about you.

I would encourage others to reach out to each other if they can, even if it’s a brief phone call – it could mean the world to someone. What could be better than that?

“If you are having more bad days than good, please reach out to someone, someone that you feel safe to confide in, it could even be someone you don’t know, give one of our mental health professionals a call, day or night. We care about what you have to say, it doesn’t matter how big or small something might be, if it is impacting your life, it’s important that you get the help you need.”

Don’t feel like you have to suffer in silence, there is always someone to listen to you.

Please talk to someone. Call us on 0121 262 3555.