This Mental Health Awareness Week, service user Nicola shares why reaching out for help was a turning point in her life.

We want to encourage more people to talk about their mental health. One in four of us struggle with our mental health, and it’s important to know that help is out there if you need it.

There are many support services available to help you manage your mental health better, one example is therapy.

After her initial scepticism surrounding therapy, Nicola took the plunge and decided to seek professional mental health support from Clinical Psychologist, Holly Edwards (pictured). After recently finishing 20 sessions of therapy, Nicola wanted to share her experience with the hopes that it could help encourage someone to reach out. This is her story.

Before I met Holly, I came into Northcroft with a degree of scepticism, but Holly has entirely turned that perception around. From the outset, her warmth, compassion, and understanding created a safe space for me to explore and work through my challenges.

Holly’s approach to therapy is a blend of professionalism and genuine kindness. Her ability to listen without judgment, offer insights that resonate deeply, and support with unwavering patience has been transformative for me. In sessions with Holly, I didn’t feel like just another appointment in her schedule; rather, I felt like a human being with valid concerns and feelings.

It is Holly’s dedication to her job and her natural aptitude for empathy and emotional intelligence that has restored my faith in the service. She has had an innate talent for recognising and responding to my needs and no doubt her other patient’s, making her an invaluable asset to the Trust. Her work undoubtedly improves the lives of those she assists, and in doing so, she enhances the reputation of the service.

In today’s society, where we are often quick to voice complaints and slow to offer praise, I believe it is crucial to recognise the hard work and dedication of individuals like Holly.

“She has not only excelled in her role but has also reminded me of the profound impact a skilled therapist can have on an individual’s life.

“Holly’s has made such a positive impact in my life.”

Struggling with feelings of depression, excessive worry, social anxiety, post-traumatic stress or obsessions and compulsions?

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