A new study is launching to improve the care of diverse people, living with psychosis and multiple long-term conditions by co-designing resources based on patient experiences.

People from racialised backgrounds experience higher levels of psychosis, multiple disadvantages, less GP care, more coercive care and dissatisfaction with care compared with White British people.

Marginalised populations are under-represented in research, and so novel methods of engagement are needed. The study will ask people to share their experiences using a creative approach called ‘photovoice’ as well as long storytelling interviews. These methods have been useful in previous work to allow people to contribute to research who wouldn’t usually be able to take part.

The study will also explore how multiple illnesses evolve in the context of trauma, discrimination, other disadvantage; and how these affect care experiences.

Who can get involved?

  • People over the age of 18 who have experience of psychosis and at least two long term physical health conditions such as: diabetes, cardio-respiratory, kidney and liver disease. We will recruit a diverse sample with regards to age, ethnicity and type of illness. We will recruit from both the NHS and community partners.   
  • Key stakeholders working with this population, such as health care professionals, carers, psychiatrists or GPs.  

For further questions, please email co-pics@psych.ox.ac.uk or Inderpreet.athwal1@nhs.net.