In our current healthcare landscape, patient information often resides in silos across various providers and organisations. The Shared Care Record revolutionises this by creating a secure, digital platform that consolidates health and social care information for a comprehensive view of each patient’s history.

Every health and social care organisation that you have contact with has their own set of records.

To provide you with the best care it is important that authorised health and social care staff have the most up to date information available to them.

Shared Care Records assist staff to make the best decisions by having a more joined-up picture of your information. This is important in providing safe, personalised, and connected care.

This centralised access is key to improved care delivery.

What are the benefits of Shared Care Records?

For individuals

  • Safer, more coordinated services
  • Reduction in time by avoiding the need to repeat medical or social care history
  • Fewer repeats of tests, appointments and admissions
  • Preferences and needs observed
  • Improved experience and continuity of care
  • Improved confidence in services

For health and care professionals

  • Less time spent seeking information
  • The delivery of safer more personalised care
  • Ability to work more collaboratively across organisational boundaries
  • Improved transfer across services, including discharge planning
  • Improved staff satisfaction

For integrated care systems

  • Support for more integrated ways of working across health and social care
  • Cost saving through more effective way of working
  • Improved workforce experience
  • Enhanced service delivery plans and care pathways
  • Opportunities for data driven identification of local health priorities

Watch the below video featuring insights from various health and social care staff, offering a multidisciplinary perspective on the Shared Care Record.