Today’s staff shoutout goes to our fabulous Health Care Assistant, Shiny Noble.

Shiny was nominated by Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy who said:

“Shiny is a fantastic Health Care Assistant, she is very caring and compassionate to service users, she works really hard to make them feel better and looks after all service users equally, regardless of what their backgrounds or personal choices are. She displays all three of our Trust Values in an exemplary manner and she is also very kind to her colleagues.”

Shiny said:

“I am overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness for selecting me as a staff superstar during South Asian Heritage Month, my profound gratitude goes to Shrikaanth who nominated me to be the recipient of this great honour.”

“The essence of what I am and what I hold dear are formed by the small unassuming strip of land in the Southwest corner of the Indian peninsula called Kerala, fondly called by people, ‘God’s own country’. Be it the serene spice mountains in the Eastern border, the lush green expanses of the midlands or the coastline adorned by coconut palms, Kerala has always been the subject of my leisure time reveries and a constant source of solace when I go there on holidays. The rich traditions passed down through centuries are the foundations on which I try to mould the character and fire the imaginations of my children.”