Due to lots of ‘naughty behaviour’, Deon Colstock, founder of Colstock Fitness decided to fine members of his gym and give the money to support the work of Caring Minds, the Trust’s charity.

For the month of March, Deon and the members of the Colstock Fitness community agreed to start a fining system for naughty, humorous and negative behaviour during sessions, to raise money and support Caring Minds.

As a fitness community, the members at Colstock Fitness all have similar goals in which to develop their mental health alongside their general fitness and wellbeing, yet recently a lot of members were falling off track due to ‘naughty’ behaviour.

To help get everyone back on track, whilst building the community bond even further, a fine system was agreed and put in place by Deon and members.

Fines were given for; lateness, back chat with Deon (the instructor) yawning, any bad language during class and many more!

In total the group raised £250 for Caring Minds.

When asked why he wanted to raise money for a mental health charity, Deon said:

Mental health is something that affects everyone differently and some more than others. In the past I have suffered with mental health that led me down a dark path where I was self-harming and even trying to take my own life.

But with the support of my family, friends, and community I have at Colstock Fitness, in addition to the positive effects exercise can have and luckily, having a member of the Colstock Fitness community working alongside this charity, it just felt right to.

“I feel more focus is needed regarding mental health, in building safe spaces to talk, exercise, or just socialise with others, to help individuals improve their mental and physical health, which is why I feel the Colstock Fitness community did so much to help support this cause.”

If like Deon, you have a personal reason as to why you want to fundraise for our charity, Caring Minds, please email the team today bsmhft.fundraising@nhs.net.