Today we are celebrating Cindy Meikle, Clinical Service Manager, who was nominated by Katherine Rowlands. Katherine said:

“Cindy has had numerous roles in the Trust and a varied career. She is a supportive manager, who cares about her staff and always wants the best for patients.”

Cindy was asked about her current role and what is important to her. She said:

“My current role is Clinical Service manager, ICCR– South and West Community Mental Health and Wellbeing services. I was born in the Caribbean, and I moved to the UK as an immigrant in 1998. I studied nursing at University of Central England which is now known as Birmingham City University. Coming from a country and background where gender roles are very traditional helped me to understand and appreciate the pressures we face, but mostly women in a western society where there are very high expectations. I have been able to identify with those expectations and have gone above and beyond to advocate for the women in my personal life and also those of my patients and colleagues.

I feel proud to be nominated for the shoutout. I feel privileged to be in a position where I have been and can influence the care and support that patients and staff receive from our services. I feel passionate that everyone regardless of race, class, age, gender, disability, and sexuality have equal access to our services and that I strive to be a role model to other people so we can all share the Trust Vision.”

Cindy Meikle