Today we are shining a light on Hollie Brown, Community Psychiatric Nurse who was nominated as part of Women’s History Month. A staff member nominated Hollie because:

“Hollie is an absolute powerhouse, not only did she finish university during a difficult time, but she is also an amazing mother, role model and mentor. Whilst not everyone on my journey has been as inclusive as I’d hoped, Hollie has accepted me and defended me as non-binary person of colour. My first encounter of placement was an absolute treat thanks to her, with rollercoasters in my personal life Hollie supported me all the way with ease. I aspire to be as empathetic and strong as Hollie.”

Hollie was asked about her current role and what equality, diversity and inclusion means to her. Hollie said:

“After a health scare in my third year I thought my wish of being ‘staff nurse Hollie’ would never come true, but I was wrong. Today I am part of the Community Mental Health team pathway delivering care for people to aid in recovery.

I really enjoy my job educating families on early warning signs, signposting to appropriate services within the local area and positively help patients on their recovery journey. I have on my journey through placement, working bank and my substantive posts met some incredible healthcare workers who have inspired me. They have shown me skills which have adapted and informed my nursing skills. I enjoy spending time with the next generation of nurses and passing on my knowledge and stories to help in their nursing journey.

Equality, diversity and inclusion is integral to our role as nurses and something we should be always striving to achieve for everyone we encounter.”