Today we are spotlighting Issha Barr, Solar Hub Manager who was nominated by Dr Harvey Tagger who said:

“Issha in her role as Solar Hub Manager has to think about the needs of the whole service and teams. I have appreciated how she will take the time to acknowledge the diversity in our team and celebrate the variety. She is modest to acknowledge the impact of having a senior Black woman in her role and the positive role modelling this offers for others who are starting out in their careers. Issha will also advocate for the children and young people accessing Solar and regularly uses forums to escalate support where needed, to promote an inclusive service.”

Issha was asked about her role, what is important to her and who inspires her. Issha said:

“I’m Issha Barr, the Hub Manager for Solar Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) within the Trust. A service I’m extremely proud of because of the unwavering staff devotion towards some of the most vulnerable children and young people in Solihull. I’m extremely touched by this nomination, as being a Black Feminist Woman is something I’m extremely proud of. I have worked tirelessly throughout my career to support vulnerable, marginalised women and children in society, and this is something I will continue to do. I see all too often the devastation caused by domestic violence, institutionalised racism and hate crime and want to be part of the drive to ensure there is no place for this in our society.

My inspiration comes from brave women such as my Mother and Grandmother, who continue to inspire me to this day. Others include the phenomenal Maya Angelo, whose words will continue to inspire generations to come.”