Today we are spotlighting Julie Spencer, Registered Mental Health Nurse, who was nominated by Abbie Farley. Abbie said:

“Julie recently retired and has come back to work part time. She has always been a valued member of the team, who’s very committed to her role as a nurse. She always volunteers to stay and support the wards when we are short staffed or challenging situations are happening. She’s very knowledgeable and willing to help those struggling and those developing. Julie is very respected and liked by many patients, helping them feel supported and safe. Julie has been an amazing clinical supervisor and really cares about staff welfare. Thanks for all your support!”

Julie was asked to share more about her role and what she is proud of. Julie said:

“I have been a qualified nurse since 1982. My career has been within the secure care ranging from medium secure units and prisons of various security. I retired in December 2020 and returned in January 2021. I am based at Ardenleigh, my role covers clinical supervision, training, dialectical behaviourtherapy (DBT), supporting the wards and police liaison. My role is exciting and rewarding and I do enjoy what I do.

I do like working at Ardenleigh, the staff are a great bunch they are empathic to the service users and each other, this inspires me. I am proud of what I have achieved in my career. Working at Ardenleigh it is clear the workforce and service users represent a wide range of experiences and background. We all have the same opportunities, differences are valued and we receive equal treatment.”

Julie Spencer