Today we are celebrating, Kiran Badesha, Clinical Psychologist, who was nominated by Viba Pavan Kumar. She said:

“Kiran has been committed in her work on a Quality Improvement project that looks at addressing cultural competencies in colleagues, making much needed contributions and extending her unequivocal support to the work. She has been an active participant in other Trust initiatives such as the Staff Anti-Racist Framework and has been an advocate for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion within her Team and the wider Psychological Services Network.”

Kiran was asked what equality, diversity and inclusion means to her and who inspires her. Kiran said:

“Equity, diversity, and inclusion hold great significance for me as an Indian female Clinical Psychologist. To me, these qualities signify the fundamental principles of fairness, humility, representation, and respect for all individuals regardless of their backgrounds. As a member of a community that is underrepresented within the discipline of Clinical Psychology in the UK, advocating for equity, diversity, and inclusion is not just a professional responsibility but also a personal commitment. I am continually inspired by those around me, particularly my family, friends, colleagues, and service-users. Their unique perspectives, resilience, and wisdom inspire me to continuously learn, remain curious, and fearlessly challenge conventional ideas.

I hold a lot of pride around the work my colleagues and I are committed to, to play a part in increasing cultural competence and humility throughout our services. I believe it is imperative to foster an environment where diverse voices are heard, all perspectives are valued, and opportunities are accessible to all. By championing these principles, we can not only enrich our profession but also ensure that mental health services are truly inclusive and effective for everyone, irrespective of their ethnicity, gender, or any other aspect of identity.”

Kiran Badesha