We are finishing the week by spotlighting Sam Bailey, Senior Advanced Nurse Practitioner who was nominated by Sarah Mottram. Sarah said:

“Sam is one of the most compassionate and inclusive people I have ever worked with. Sam has a unique way of making sure everyone she works with. Staff and service users alike have an opportunity for their voice to be heard. This inspires those she works with to do the same for each other and Sam’s ability to influence change and inspire positive, inclusive, and diverse cultures can be seen throughout the service. Sam has a unique way of encouraging individual staff and larger staff teams, by recognising what they do well and then helping them to be even better. She values equity in teams and advocates for all staff to be supported to reach their potential, regardless of their profession or banding. Sam is a fantastic colleague, and she deserves to be recognised for all that she contributes and achieves!”

Sam was asked about her role and what equality, diversity and inclusion means to her. Sam said:

“I am a Senior Advanced Nurse Practitioner working at Ardenleigh hospital within the women’s secure blended service. I am proud to be able to work alongside such excellent colleagues who each bring their own individual skills, knowledge and experience making us a unique and experienced workforce. I have been fortunate throughout my career to work alongside inspirational leaders who have provided me with guidance and support to ensure that I have been able to learn how to meet the needs of our service users, in the best possible way.

I believe strongly in upholding the values of equality, diversity, and inclusion in all that I do. I believe that each person brings a unique journey, and we would be letting ourselves, each other, and our services users down if we fail to recognise and appreciate this. I believe that diversity is vital to the success of teams.

I am an advocate for equality inside and outside of work and I will always aim to ask questions in order to learn and challenge any unconscious bias that I have to ensure that I am alert to the needs of those around me. I believe that together we can make a difference and in order to do this we need to celebrate each individual person and their journey.”