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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
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Supported Computerised CBT

Information and details on the SilverCloud programme

  • A digital training program that helps you reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, low mood or depression
  • Based on cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and positive psychology
  • Goal-based programs 
  • Diverse activities, tools, exercises and mindfulness
  • Whenever you need it 
  • Recommended use is 40 minutes per week, over 6-8 weeks
  • Set a regular time to use it, 3-4 x per week
  • SilverCloud programs have demonstrated high improvement rates for stress, anxiety and depression.  
  • Help you to set goals for using your program
  • Help you apply your learnings from SilverCloud to your daily life
  • Deepen your understanding of the program's content 
  • Identify progress and celebrate your success
  • To review your program usage weekly (unless you choose to keep your usage private)
  • Send your weekly messages in the SilverCloud platform on a scheduled day
  • Add personalised and interactive elements to your SilverCloud experience. 
  • From the home page, or you can go to the Program page from the main menu to get started. 
  • To login or put what you have learned into practice. 
  • Helps you put what you learn into practice. Add them to your homepage as you move through your program.  
  • To help you to clarify your thoughts and feelings, reduce stress and solve problems more effectively
  • To track your progress and help motivate you through the program. 
  • With a number of relaxation and breathing exercises that help you to be more mindful in your daily life.