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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
Better Together


What are the different types of advocacy on offer?

How can an advocate help me?

  • Help you become aware of your won rights
  • Help you exercise your rights and be involved in decisions that are being made about your future
  • Raise your concerns
  • Ensure your voice is heard 
  • Empower you to act 
  • Attend meetings /ward rounds/appointments with you 
  • Advocates CANNOT give legal or financial advice - but they can guide you to sources of help 
  • Advocates WILL NOT share the details of their discussions with you except with your permission or in the event of safeguarding such as revelation of harm to self or others 
  • Advocates CANNOT perform care support work 


How can a See Me worker help me?

  • Help the trust to gain an insight into your views and experiences
  • Share opportunities that you can get involved in within the trust
  • Raise your issues, concerns and compliments (often anonymously) with management to help improve services and your experience of these services and to resolve issues that have affected the services/ward
  • Promote greater involvement of service users in the planning and delivery of mental health services 
  • Attend/arrange regular service user meetings or forums and to meet with you on one to one to share your experience of the service you receive 
  • Encourage you to get involved in training, interviewing, focus groups and project work


Ardenleigh See Me Worker

Ardenleigh Independent Advocate

Gillian Samuel - Connell

Independent Mental Health Advocate

Building Community Advocacy

Ardenleigh 0121 301 0000