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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
Better Together

Treatment and approach

We believe that every interaction with a young person has the opportunity to be therapeutic and effect change through promoting positive experiences and developing self-regulation strategies.

Our care is tailored to the individuals’ needs and encompasses a holistic approach based on the latest clinical evidence.

We follow the care programme approach  treatment pathway meaning that young people are involved in the assessment and development of their own care plans.

A comprehensive assessment will take place which will include detailed analysis and physical and mental health needs, social care needs, educational and vocational needs alongside assessing family functioning and peer relationships. Following on from assessment a range of therapeutic approaches and interventions will be developed and implemented by our experienced team.

We use a whole system approach to a young person’s development, meaning a range of needs are assessed and goals will be set in to maximise their outcomes.

We work hard to encourage young people to interact with their care planning, so they can easily visualise their care plans and track their progress through their admission.


Autism Spectrum Disorder Accredited

Here at Ardenleigh we realised that many of our young people who came into the service also had a diagnosis on the autism spectrum which is why we put together a plan to develop our skills in this area and provide this additional support.

As the first mental health trust to gain the globally recognised Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) accreditation, this provides quality assurance that our staff are trained to work with young people who present on the autistic spectrum.

Every member of staff from clinical leaders to administration and support staff have received training in ASD, with the aim of improving every interaction with a young person who has an ASD diagnosis.

Youth First

Youth First

We also offer a specialist assessment service, Youth First that provides specialist multi-disciplinary holistic assessments of young people; including advice regarding diagnosis, psychological formulation, risk assessment and recommendations for intervention, placement and care.

Additionally, we undertake medio-legal assessments for young people who are in the youth justice system.