The Criminal Justice Recovery Service would like to introduce you to the Youth Outreach team. Our Youth Outreach team works with young people under 18 who have had contact with the criminal justice system and would like to reduce reoffending and access local services for support.

The aim of the pathway is to divert young people away from the criminal justice system. We identify any vulnerabilities the young person may have or be at risk of, this can include but is not exclusive to, mental health problems, school exclusion, social care needs, speech and language needs, risk of criminal or sexual exploitation or drug misuse.

In this short film, we hear how a young person’s life can be transformed with the support from our Youth Outreach team in partnership with other agencies across Birmingham, including youth offending teams, social services, the police and the courts.

We also highlight our brilliant partnership with the Aston Villa Foundation. The foundation provides an experienced case worker who offers tailored mentoring to young people across the borough. Through this programme they gain opportunity to engage in leadership courses, alternative educational provisions, music and of course, incredible sports facilities.