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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
Better Together

Community enablement and recovery teams (CERT)

Working in collaboration with community mental health teams and inpatient units, the aim of this service is to treat and support service users with primarily complex needs and their carers in their local communities to avoid admission to hospital and, where admission is unavoidable, to reduce the duration of stay.

Community enablement and recovery teams
Older adults being treated for mental health conditions.

Interventions provided by this service include the following:

  • Enable access to the range of mental health services and specialist support delivered in an age appropriate manner as required.
  • Provide high quality local services which as far as possible keep older people close to families, friends and social support networks, thus reducing stigma and supporting social inclusion.
  • Offer choice to older people and their carers through specialist therapeutic interventions in the least restrictive setting available, where family/others can contribute to the care plan directly with specialist advice and guidance.
  • To focus on enablement by specialist workers input to service users experiencing or recovering from a mental health episode.
  • Co-ordinate discharge planning in liaison with inpatient services.


All referrals to the service will come via the community mental health teams (CMHT's)  for older people or inpatient services on behalf of the patients care co-ordinator.