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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
Better Together

Older Peoples Intervention Programme (OPIP)

The Older Peoples Intervention Programme (OPIP) provides three key functions:

  • Hub based intensive patient assessment (day attendance),

  • Contributes to the divisional psychologically informed therapies and interventions programme (in all settings),

  • Community engagement with patients

For older people (primarily) in need of:

Hub based care:

  • More intensive assessment, often associated with risk or unstable care plan where assessment is not appropriate in a normal domiciliary setting,

  • relapse preventions input with multidisciplinary response needed for people with severe and enduring mental health difficulties where support in domiciliary setting is insufficient/inappropriate.


Therapy based care:

  • Specific interventions often psychologically informed and protocol based, one-to-one or group based, step down from inpatient episode where therapeutic interventions programme not yet completed,

  • transition facilitated to community setting.


The service promotes recovery and relapse prevention in a number of ways including:


  • wellness recovery action plan (WRAP).

  • Promotes generally opportunities for awareness of and self-management of a range of organic and  functional techniques to reduce impact of illness on the older person and their families and carers.

  • Delivers suite of interventions as indicated by national strategy .

  • In line with trust objectives regarding developing strategic partnerships, STEPs seeks to establish statutory, non-statutory, community and user led groups to create opportunities for joint working awareness raising, education and signposting.

  • Health promotion.

  • Gender specific interventions.

  • Psycho-education.



Referrals are made for patients already within our services by their community mental health teams.