Funding and support can be available for people with a learning disability or autism who are eligible for NHS continuing healthcare or after care services under section 117 of the Mental Health Act, will have the right to have a funded aftercare this could include funding via NHS or jointly funded packages. You will be involved in what needs you require to enable the best personalised care package for each individual person. Some people with long term complex needs qualify for free health and social care arranged and funded solely by the NHS, this is known as NHS Continuing Healthcare, NHS continuing healthcare can be provided in a variety of settings such as in your own home or care home.

If a person has NHS funded complex healthcare needs, then you may be entitled to an NHS personal health budget, this is an amount of money from the NHS which patients agree with their nurse/care coordinator to spend on their health needs. This opportunity gives people more chance and control over their health care to increase their independence.

If the local authority have agreed that you are eligible for social care support then you should be able to have direct payments, as long as you are eligible, and it is your choice whether you want to receive Direct payments, If you are not able to manage direct payments yourself the local authority may ask a trusted friend or relative to manage them for you. Direct payments is a way to have control over your care and support personal budget, with the funds you can buy the care and support you need yourself, rather than the council arranging it for you. You can change your mind about receiving direct payments

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