Stopping over medication of people (STOMP)

It is reported by Public Health England that every day 30,000 to 35,000 adults with a learning disability are taking psychotropic medicine, when they do not have the health conditions the medicines are for, this also happens with children and young people. Stopping over medication of people (STOMP) with a learning disability, autism, or both with psychotropic medicines, currently has a national project involving many organisations which are helping to stop over the use of these medicines. It is important to keep people well and have a good quality of life, using other alternative interventions. Psychotropic medication can cause problems if people take them too long, or take high doses, or for the wrong reason, weight gain, feeling tired ‘drugged up’ or serious problems with physical health can occur. People with a learning disability, autism or both are more likely to be given medicines than other people.

Below is a video from Carl the Learning Disability adviser at NHS England talk about STOMP and how it is important to educate and involve individuals to make decisions and people’s right to be included in their care.

STOMP LD video

Carl Shaw on STOMP LD (Stopping the over medication of people with a learning disability.
NHS England (2016)

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